Batten down the hatches.

KSOC is an event-driven SaaS platform built to automatically remediate Kubernetes security risks and enforce least-privileged access control across distributed cluster infrastructures.

What is KSOC?

Kubernetes Security, Simplified.

The KSOC unified security control plane gives security teams the ability to discover and remediate Kubernetes misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across any cloud without the use of intrusive agents by leveraging existing cloud and Kubernetes APIs.

Kubernetes Infrastructure Inventory

KSOC automatically discovers and tracks all Kubernetes assets in your environments on any cloud provider. This includes clusters, container registries, and cloud logs. You can’t protect what you are not aware of.

Kubernetes Detection and Response

Kubernetes' complexity and abstraction leave blind spots from a security perspective. KSOC uses an event-driven architecture to find security issues in real time. We take it a step further through automatic remediation via code or distributed policy enforcement aligning with security frameworks.

Kubernetes Entitlement Management

Kubernetes user and service account entitlements are often overly permissive and one of the leading causes for cluster compromise. KSOC monitors in-cluster Role-Based Access Control activities, alerts you about changes, and remediates over-privileged access automatically.


Not your average security platform.

KSOC enables security teams to deploy with confidence. We strongly believe that our unique approach to container security solves a real problem that will only get bigger as enterprises continue to expand their cloud native architectures.

Easy Install

Our simple, no-nonsense install process can get you up and running with KSOC in minutes, letting you get back to what’s important.

Fast Remediation

KSOC makes it easy to spot and fix common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, as well as some not-so-common ones.

Intelligent Policies

KSOC can automatically create enforcement policies that are tailored for your existing environments and tool chains.

Smart Access Control

KSOC guides teams to enforce least-privileged access control to Kubernetes resources, granting access to only those that need it.


Every workflow is carefully crafted to help and optimize the modern security operator. We pride ourselves on making tools that are intuitive and delightful to use, delivering actionable insights with real security outcomes.

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We are pioneers of Kubernetes security, and have led large-scale security transformations at some of the world's largest cloud-enabled organizations. We have a team of highly-experienced consultants that are ready to discuss your organization's needs. During our assessment, we will work with your team to:

  • Analyze your current infrastructure and security posture
  • Identify vulnerabilities and options for remediation
  • Assess end-to-end DevOps workflows for security opportunities
  • Work with your organization to plan and budget for security needs
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Meet the Team

Jimmy MestaCo-founder, CTO

When he's not juggling the responsiblities of founding a startup, Jimmy can be found biking in the mountains, geeking out about single-origin coffee, and attempting to keep up with his wild children.

Brooke MottaCo-founder, CEO

Building great teams and forging partnerships are Brooke’s hallmarks. Besides leading startups to IPOs and acquisitions, she is a dedicated mom who lives in San Francisco and spends her summers in Cape Cod.

Adam LeWinterEngineering

Adam’s knack for understanding both customers and engineering helps him keep KSOC’s development pointed in the right direction. Hailing from Boston, the only thing better than his project planning is his set of handyman skills.

Steve WadeEngineering

Steve consults and speaks as a trusted expert in creating self-service platforms, implementing security practices, and developing cloud native applications. During the UK’s rare sunny days, he enjoys a nice hike in the countryside.

Dan KozlowskiEngineering

Dan likes long talks on the beach about architecting web applications at scale, and can usually be found in his office playing with his computer. Pixel, his lovely labradoodle, ensures regular outside time.

Tim KnaptonUser Experience

With a love for simplifying complex problems and delighting users, Tim handles the creative side of our offerings. When nobody’s looking, he likes to play music with his metal band.

Product Timeline

July 2015

Kubernetes Launches

Google releases Kubernetes 1.0 and partners with the Linux Foundation to create the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
October 2015

Kubernetes on the Road

Jimmy Mesta starts speaking to companies and conferences about concerns and best practices in cloud-native security.

Containerization Explodes

In less than three years, containerized infrastructure grows to become a $950 million industry and the primary enabler of the internet at large. Kubernetes has transformed the modern web.

KSOC is Born

The wheels are in motion to build the next generation of information security. KSOC was founded from a deep understanding of cloud-native security, honed by years of experience in industry and the technical community.

Sophisticated Threats

94% of Kubernetes-powered companies have experienced at least one security incident in a 12-month period. While Kubernetes is a great orchestrator, it has a set of unique security concerns not yet addressed in the market.
September 2021

Founding Team Established

KSOC brings on the best in the industry to build a completely new approach to Kubernetes security and make something to truly help security practitioners for the modern web.
January 2022

Security in Production

KSOC is protecting customer environments in production